“In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.” - Jn 16:33

Situation Explained
Ever feel like sometimes life just “doesn’t make sense…?”

Solution Offered
Why do “bad things happen to good people”?
Why did Murphy have to have a law?
Why is it “always in the last place you look”?
Why does “good news” always have to come with bad news?
Why can’t you sleep when you are really overtired?
Why does the drive-thru get your order wrong when you are most hungry?
Why is it you don’t realize the batteries in the flashlight are dead until the power goes out?

...Jesus promised us that things would be tough.

Why is it that when you finally get that friend (who you have been inviting for weeks) to come to Mass with you, it’s a homily that asks for money or describes a building project?

Why indeed…the answer to all of these (and countless other questions) is because life doesn’t make sense. Sometimes life doesn’t have to make sense…actually – at no time does it have to make sense.

God didn’t promise that life would make sense.
He didn’t promise the neat and clean.
He didn’t promise the quick or simple.
He didn’t promise answers to your questions, only solutions to your needs.

The Holy Spirit didn’t come to lead us to logic, but to truth and to love.

Jesus, Himself, told us that the world would have trouble…He didn’t promise everything would be easy, in fact He promised us the opposite. As we see in this verse, Jesus promised us that things would be tough. But, He also promised us that He has conquered this imperfect world.

So, what does this mean for you and I?
It means we need to stop asking “why” and “what if” so much…and just ask “how”?

How do you want me to respond to this situation, Lord?
How can I lead the most people to you this day, God?
How will your will be done in this scenario, Father?

You put His will first and you’ll soon notice that the “what ifs” cease to matter and the “whys” are no longer a concern.

How you love Him is the key. It’s in that “how” that you will come across the courage that Christ is talking about in this verse today.

Wake up every morning and before your feet hit the floor and say to Jesus, “Show me how to be like you today, Lord.”

If you pray that sincerely today will be different. Every day will be.
What if you do and things still go wrong?
Why would you worry about that? Jesus told you He’s in control and that He’s conquered the world.
How silly for us to worry after a promise like that, huh?

Salvation Given

In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.” - John 16:33

How’s that for simple?

Live life for Him and you’ll have a life worth living.


By P.A.W.