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Designed by:  Paolo Russo, Regina Apostolorum (Queen of Apostles) Parish, Rome

“The cross between the world and Saint Vincent represents Christ present in the midst of humanity and his holiness which became incarnate when he became human.

The cross is at an angle to give a sense of movement, since the love of God is not static.

Within the number five is the world, which represents the Pallottine apostolate.

Within the number zero is Saint Vincent, priest. The background is yellow as a sign of the light which holiness radiates”.



“Let the holiness of God shine forth” (cf. Mt 5,16)

The slogan, “Let the holiness of God shine forth”, chosen for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the canonisation of Saint Vincent Pallotti, seeks to be an invitation directed to all of his followers to let the holiness of God, which is the strength of every apostolate, shine forth in each of their lives.

Something similar was expressed by Blessed John Paul II in his homily on the occasion of his pastoral visit to the parish of Saint Vincent Pallotti in Pietralata[1]. Starting from the phrase from the Book of Leviticus, “Be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy” (Lv 19:2), he underlined that God is the Holy One par excellence and the source of every holiness. The holiness of God is communicated to us in Christ.

Saint Vincent Pallotti took seriously this invitation to be holy because God is holy. He personally travelled the path of holiness by following Jesus Christ, the Model of holiness for the entire human race. The holiness of Christ within him became for Pallotti the source of inspiration for promoting within the Church and the world an apostolate which respected the state of life and social condition of every Christian. To be holy and to be an apostle was for Pallotti a constant desire and a source of missionary dynamism to proclaim the Gospel in every environment.

In this way, modelled on Saint Vincent Pallotti, all of the members of the Union of Catholic Apostolate will be able to renew their vocation to holiness and to the apostolate.


[1] February18, 1996

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