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This year’s celebration of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be written in golden letters in the pages of the history of our Congregation. In Tanzania we experienced two big events; the beginning of the second year of the International Novitiate with the reception of new novices into the Novitiate and the Profession of the first group of the novices who completed their novitiate formation.

During the morning prayers, echoes of joy were heard in the International Novitiate when the Provincial Superior Sr. Basilisa Jacob accepted 12 Postulants into the Novitiate. These postulants come from four countries namely Cameroon, Rwanda, Congo and Tanzania. Among those who witnessed this joy-filled event were: Sr. Belancilla Mukandahiro, the Regional Superior of Our Lady of Kibeho Rwanda, the Delegature Superior of the Pallottine Fathers in East Africa Fr. John Onna, and many other Sisters from different communities in Tanzania who had come for the First Profession.

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Prisca Kyemi, although in a Maasai dress she is not a Maasai.  She is a young talented woman, of the Nyaturu tribe from Singida, Tanzania in East Africa, who was dreaming to see Rome and St. Peter's Basilica.

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In the first the days of October, the month dedicated to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, the new group of Postulants from Rwanda, Congo, Cameroon and Singida/Tanzania came to the House of the International Novitiate in Arusha/Tanzania.  

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Karibu (welcome in Swahiili) to our General Superior, who at the end of July surprised the members of the International Novitiate in Tanzania with a visit. What a joy to meet Mother again! The group of Sisters welcomed Sr. Izabela at Kilimanjaro Airport and the Novices, with songs and roses, dancing cheerfully came out to meet her at the gate of the Novitiate House. The Novice Mistress, Sr. Marie Claire Mukeshimana, lead all to the chapel and offered a prayer of praise to the Lord, for a good trip of Sister, thanking for her commitment to our Congregation, asking blessing for these days of our being together.

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Easter Greetings from the Novitiate in Tanzania


Christmas Greetings from the Novitiate in Tanzania

We all wish you joyful and prosperous Xmas from Novitiate Community in Arusha. God bless  you abundantly.


We give thanks to the Lord, on the day of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary (8th of December), as fifteen Postulants make their entrance to the International Novitiate in Tanzania. What a great joy for the entire Congregation to witness another historical and significant event in the year 2017.

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Inauguration of the International Novitiate in Tanzania

Inauguration of the International Novitiate

8thSeptember 2017, Poli Singisi, Tanzania

Words of the General Superior to all the Participants of the celebration:  

Today, on September8ththe Church celebrates the feast of the Birth of our Blessed Mother. This day is also very significant and historical for us Pallottine Missionary Sisters, who will give birth to a new International Novitiate here in Poli Singisi, Tanzania. This initiative of creating an International Novitiatefor our entire congregation had a few reasons:  to spread our charism and carry on the mission work entrusted to us by God; to bring closer unity and collaboration among all the members of our Congregation, and to form mature and courages missionaries and disciples of different nationalities and cultures, who through diversity, but in unity, will carry on the Joy of the Gospel through the Pallottine Charism, and through their testimony of faith, love and hope, as well as lives and works - to the nations.

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* Our Way of Life *


"Our diverse talents and abilities, our differences in culture, nationality and age are assets for the richness of the community. Although we may be engaged in a variety of ministries, we all share the common call to apostolic discipleship in a community of the Catholic Apostolate of St. Vincent Pallotti."(OWL, 91)



"Christ, the Apostle of the Eternal Father, and his mission are central to our personal and community life, giving meaning and direction to our thinking, our spirituality, our prayer, action and suffering." (OWL, 19)



"As a community of disciples we are gathered around Jesus, the Apostle of the Eternal Father. Like the first disciples, we want to be with Jesus, be sent out by him and return to him to evaluate our service in the light of his presence." (OWL, 88)



"As Pallottines, it is our special charism to foster growth in faith and love among the laity, to awaken them to awareness of their apostolic call, and to cooperate with them in furthering the apostolic mission." (OWL, 21)



"Our relationships with one another should be marked by a love that bears all, believes all and hopes for all, a love that is neither conceited nor jealous, which hurts no one, nor is embittered or resentful. It is never discouraged but remains patient and kind. It rejoices with others and shares their suffering. It is with this kind of love that we should help and support one another." (OWL, 90)