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do not be afraid to take Mary… having conceived by the Holy Spirit she will bear a son whom you are to call Jesus

As we journey through Advent and accompany Mary to Bethlehem where she will soon give birth to her Son, the holy One of God, we cannot think of her without Joseph. Joseph is her husband who lovingly protects and provides for her in every way and is united with her as one.

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Park Mount Care Home in Macclesfield is situated in beautiful grounds, it is purpose built and was opened on the 7th December 1984.The site has been the charitable bequest of the late William Goldman. The home was registered for twenty residents in single en-suite rooms, and the first three residents arrived on the 15th December 1984 and by Christmas we had nine residents living here. The home was officially opened and blessed by Bishop Gray on 5th May 1985, by which time it was full with twenty residents. Day care had already begun on 25th March 1981 at premises adjoining St. Albans Church they then moved to Parkmount in 1985.

Day-care was run by Sr. Anne McCoy with the help of volunteers and drivers three days a week. Now day-care is available every day and our visitors can enjoy our facilities a walk in the garden, a meal with a loved one and we can also offer personal care to ensure their regular carer’s and relatives get a well-earned break.

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