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History of Ukraine - a cable shortcut

In the first millennium B.C. different parts of the Ukraine were under different rules, such as Cimmerians, Sarmatians and Scythians. When the time turned to the 1st millennium A.D, it was ruled by Goths, Huns, Bulgars, Avars, Khazars and Magyars. After the 4th century Slavic tribes were settled there. In that time Kiev was its major town. The Kievan power was ended in the middle of 13th century after the Mongol conquest.

Pearls of regional architecture. Komarno, a city founded in 1324. In the center of town is an old Polish Kostel (Catholic Church), as well as an old wooden Orthodox church complete with ancient icons. Photo by Roman Brechko.

The territory was ruled by Lithuania in the 16th century and in the 17th century it was ruled by Poland. Ukraine was under the Russian rule in the time of 18th century.

The Ukrainian National Republic was established in the year of 1917. In the time of 1918, it declared their freedom from Russia. But again in the very next year it was re-conquered. Ukraine became a part of U.S.S.R. as Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in the year of 1923. Poland held the northwestern region of the country from 1919 to 1939. More than five million Ukrainians died of hunger in an unparalleled peacetime tragedy under the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in 1932-33. Ukraine was re-occupied by the Soviet Russia in the year of 1944.

By the way, Ukraine was the site of the Soviet built nuclear power plants and in the year of 1986 the Chernobyl accident took place in that territory.

After centuries of moving from hand to hand, build-up of foreign cultures, a very complicated human relations and relations with neighboring countries, in 1991, Ukraine regained its independence. A lot is to be made up from both the material and spiritual side. You may have to future generations, to make up for lost time - provided of course that the fate of Ukraine will always remain in her own hands.

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