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A great challenge awaits us during this 50th anniversary not so much in the events to be organised but rather in the spiritual and apostolic renewal which awaits the whole Union.

This can be brought about if we become more and more intent on living the substantial constituent of the work of Saint Vincent: charity[1].

Charity, understood as God’s Love poured out into our hearts, flowing out and being witnessed to in love of neighbour, is the “spirituality” , the “fundamental law” which inspires all who are part of his family. For St. Vincent everything had to be directed towards its implementation.

If his Work, after a journey of nearly two centuries, is examined (spread to over 40 countries in the five continents), we see that it has involved many priests, religious and lay people, among whom the Pallottine charism has generated a radical love for the poor and needy, a generous missionary commitment “to the very ends of the earth”, and abundant and amazing fruits of holiness.

But, as St. Vincent desired, the life of the Church and the world can be revived in Faith and Charity by people (religious and lay) who, united, retrace his spiritual experience in conversion and in the Christian life.

Being united, being in communion, is something “more” in which we are called to participate by the Pallottine charism with respect to our individual life and during this year we are given the opportunity to live it with greater enthusiasm, greater steadfastness.

This “more”, this communion, can be brought about in us only through a particular disposition, the essential condition of which is: to live firsthand this substantial constituent which Saint Vincent desired for the Union: charity which is expressed in the commandment of Jesus “love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 15: 12).

And, in charity, we can always recognise each person, whatever our origins may be, as family and, thus, living by charity as did Saint Vincent, have the certainty of following his path.


The Committee “The Pallottine Family Celebrates”

Rome, November 2011

[1] Cf. art. 17 §1 of the General Statutes of the Union of Catholic Apostolate, Rome 2008

Photo by Sr. Miriam Studzińska SAC

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