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The 20th Night Vigil of the Apostolic Collaborators of the Pallottine Sisters was held at the Jasna Gora in Czestochowa from 21 to 22 November. The main reflection of the gathering focused on the words: "Let us be witnesses of Jesus' love". The vigil attended approx. 1.2 thousand people.

Pilgrims gathered in the Pontifical Hall © BPJG  Marek Kępiński

Mrs. Ewa Błasik, general Andrzej Błasik's widow, whoes husband died tragically at plain crash near Smolensk on April 10th, was a special guest at the meeting. As a vote for Jasna Gora, Ewa Błasik gave the general's pilot cap and a silver medal, which her husband received from the UK's pilots. The ceremony took place during the evening Appeal in the Shrine of Our Lady in the presence of Fr. Isidore Matuszewski, Superior General of the Pauline Order.

The cap of gen. A. Błasik and a silver medal offered to Jasna Gora  © BPJG / Marek Kępiński

Collaborators of the Pallottine Sisters use the annual meeting at the Jasna Gora shrine to obtain as well tradtional Christmas wafers with a special blessing for them and their families. There is always a charity collection for people in need. This year's collection of pilgrims will be used for flood victims, so that they would have a happier Christmas and felt that other people also remember about them - stresses Sr. Consolata Majewska, an organizer.

Mrs. Ewa Błasik and Sr. Consolata Majewska, SAC© BPJG / Marek Kępiński

The first part of the meeting took place in the Pontifical Hall. At 5 p.m. the boy's choir from Limanowa gave a patriotic concert of songs of thanksgiving. At 6 p.m. pilgrims listened to Mrs. Ewa Błasik who gave a witness of her faith after the dramatic events near Smolensk in April.  Barbara and Krzysztof Wiatrzykowie did the same. At 7 p.m. there was a lecture entitled: „Addictions - enemy of happiness, unity and love"”. At 9 p.m. the special prayer Appeal  to Our Lady of Czestochowa took place in the shrine. After that people listen to the talk of Fr. Zbigniew Kępa "Love knows no defeat - is always victorious”.

Boys' choir from Limanowa © BPJG / Marek Kępiński

At midnight, the Holy Mass was celebrated by the Miraculous Picture of Our Lady. Bishop Bogdan Wojtuś of Gniezno presided the Mass and delivered the homily. After few hours of common and individual prayers the Night Vigil ended at 4.30 a.m.

The Missionary Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate, from the name of founder St. Vincent Pallotti, called Pallottines, have in their charism: catechesis in primary schools and colleges, conduct of nursery schools, work as nurses in hospitals, care for ill and solitary, conduct of apostolic groups for young people, children and adult persons. Missionary work is a particular task of the Congregation. Sisters work in Rwanda, Zaire, Cameroon and Tanzania, since a short time on Ukraine also, Belorussia and on Siberia.

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2010-11-21, niedziela, godz. 16.20

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