The Voice of the Shepherd

On this Good Shepherd Sunday, the Lord Jesus says, "My sheep will hear My voice" (Jn 10:16). For the sheep of His flock, the voice of Jesus the Good Shepherd has a uniquely penetrating quality, an unmistakable accent of tenderness, a note of divine authority that goes straight to the heart. The believing heart leaps with recognition at the sound of Jesus' voice. "The sheep hear His voice, and He calls His own sheep by name, and leads them out" (Jn 10:3).

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1 Peter 5:5b-14; Mark 16:15-20

Watching With One Another

Today’s feast of Mark the Evangelist interrupts the ongoing cycle of Easter readings. But our visiting of the First Letter of Peter offers a perspective on the Easter mystery as lived—then and now.

“Be sober and vigilant.” These warning words acquaint us with the truth that Christian life provides no guarantee of a life lived without struggle. They are a warning that the good news of Jesus’ resurrection, the heart of the “gospel,” strikes some hearts as “bad news” and those hearts react to the news not with joy but with the persecution of believers. Yet, the message of this First Letter of Peter drives home the point: such persecution is to be expected. If Jesus himself was rejected, so those who believe in him will suffer rejection.

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Donatella Acerbi [Photo: sacinfo]

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Donatella Acerbi is a member of the UAC community "Quinta Dimensione" (Fifth Dimension), which came into being in 1973 among students of a Roman high school, who were inspired by a Pallottine Father teaching religion at that school. Since decades Ms. Acerbi is involved in different tasks and projects of the Union in Italy and on the international level. In 1985 she helped to animate the national and international events for the celebration of 150 years of the Union in Rome; the same in 1995, on the occasion of the 200th birthday of St. Vincent Pallotti. She was a member of the so called "Commissione '86", which took up the stimuli of the jubilee year 1985 and worked out the formation manual of the Union "Called by Name". She was the first General Secretary of the Union and involved in the drawing up of the General Statutes.

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Acts 9:1-20; John 6:52-59

How often has someone said to you, “You’re as blind as a bat,” and no reference to your eyes was intended?  The reference is not to outside sight but to inside sight or insight.  When we say “I see” in response to an explanation, we never mean we see something with our eyes; we mean we understand the explanation.  Visual seeing is frequently a metaphor for understanding, not only in our culture but also in the Hebrew culture in which the Bible was written.

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Acts 8:26-40; John 6:44-51

I’ve come to understand Eastertide as a time of remembering, re-encountering, re-engaging, and re-understanding the resurrection of Jesus. Each year we are given this time to unravel this mystery again. What a gift!

There is a wonderful concern named in the first reading for today. It is a fundamental characteristic of Luke’s gospel. The author of the Third Gospel wants to ensure that his Gentile believers (all future believers as well) make profound connections with “Moses, the prophets, and the psalms.”

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March 2015


On Palm Sunday we joined an enormous crowd of pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square for the Liturgy celebrated by Pope Francis. In his homily he asked the faithful to observe a day  of prayer and fasting for  peace in the World.

▪ The General Coordination Council of the Union of Catholic Apostolate (UAC) held its annual meeting at the Pallottine Formation Center in Rome, Via Ferrari from the 27th-31st of March. During these days the GCC elected Ms. Donatella Acerbi as President and Fr. Frank Donio, as Vice President of the Union.

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